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Option Strategy Builder (Online tool)- Create your option strategy directly on the return graph! Just drag and drop the options on the graph, and change their position to get your desired strategy.

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Quick Guide

Options Strategy Builder - Screen Capture

The Controls:

  1. The return graph interface. Add, move and delete options and stock elements here.
  2. The securities details that are currently on the graph.
  3. The main control. Fill the ticker box and hit update. The option chain will be downloaded. In addition, you can save, load and print your design.
  4. The strategy selector. Select the strategy and hit NEW. A predefined strategy would be added to the graph. If the same strategy can be constructed with a different option combination, clicking the ALT button would switch between them.
  5. The element selector. Drag and drop the element into the graph. You can select the stock, a call option, a put option and whether they are long or short.
  6. The expiration selector. Select days to expiration. Options that would be added to the graph have this expiration date.
  7. Change expiration. Replace the options that are already on the graph with options with new expiration dates.
  8. Trade control. In the online version only the amount selector is active. Set the number of the strategies you wish to analyze.

Adding elements:

Once you have downloaded an option chain, you can drag a new option into the graph: Click an option element on the element selector. The possible option drop locations would light up on the return graph. Once an element is added to the graph, the return graph is updated. The blue line is the value of the strategy at expiration. The green is the value of the strategy today.

Selecting elements:

Option elements can be selected by clicking on them. More than one element can be selected by holding down the control key. If there is more than one element at the same location, all of them would be selected. In order to select only one of them, right click the mouse, and a selection popup window would appear. The element can be selected by clicking on its name, or edited by clicking the edit button.

Editing elements:

Right click on the element to be edited. In the popup window, select the new amount and new expiration date.

Moving elements:

Click on one of the selected options and drag it around the graph. The location where the options can be dropped would light up on the return graph.

Deleting elements:

Select the elements to be deleted and hit the Del key.

Strategy Builder Online is provided “as-is,” without any express or implied warranty. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.